Modernize Communication with HIPAA Secure Text and Email.

Who this platform is for:

Skilled Nursing Facility Administrators
Assisted Living Facility Executive Directors

Memory Care/Dementia Care Facilities

Our platform digitizes any materials senior communities would like to share with your families, residents, staff or referral sources. We create
a senior friendly mobile experience that is sent via text, email or voice message. (You can even print them too.)

No apps to download or passwords to remember!

  • CalendarFeed

    Share your activities calendar externally with your residents loved ones via text. Drive family involvement with visits & socioemotional care.

  • NewsletterFeed

    Communicate topics of interest to your residents and their loved ones. Increase the quality of staff-family relationships.

  • WelcomeFeed

    Create a welcome packet that provides your resident & family all the valuable information about their stay right at everyone's fingertips.

  • ReviewFeed

    Drive positive public reviews with the ability to steer to specific review websites. Online reviews are today’s referral.

  • CustomFeed

    Broadcast one-off announcements
    (I.e. COVID-19 Updates) to your entire care community or a message to just one family. 

  • SecureFeed

    Send HIPAA compliant messages to your residents and/or their family members.         No more playing phone tag!

Here's HOW it works...


Determine what you want to share:

  • Newsletter
  • Calendar of events
  • Announcement etc.


Upload pictures, documents (PDFs, Word docs etc.), and/or videos in our easy to use platform.


We will turn your materials into a beautiful mobile experience that can be shared with your residents and their loved ones via text or email.

Transform the way you communicate with your residents & family members.

Instantly translates into 109 languages. 

Here's WHY we are doing it...

  • carefeed-admin

    Benefit for Administrators:

    • Exceed expectations with a digital front door strategy.
    • Save time chasing family members
      (i.e. leaving voicemails, waiting for call
      backs etc.)
    • Be proactive and automate your communications with residents and their family members.
    • Turnkey service
    • Branded by you

  • carefeed-caregiver

    Benefits for Care Partners:

    • Provide valuable information when & where they want it 24/7 (on their phone).
    • Increase family involvement in care. (The true decision makers)
    • Increase life satisfaction of residents by proactively connecting them with their loved ones.
    • Improve family-staff relationships by sharing photos.
    • Expand communication reach
      beyond POA.

Simple, Secure, Cloud-based 

HIPAA-Compliant Communication

Administrator Success Stories


~Tom M.

"I love that when I send an important message to our families, residents, and staff there are analytics to confirm receipt"


~ Melanie S.

"My admissions staff loves the ability to text or email admission agreements for e-signatures."

Care Partner Success Stories


~Alisha D.

"It was great to receive the notification of all the virtual events scheduled this month. (My mom is excited about her 'virtual trip' to Rome.)"


~Raj T.

"Since we live out of town it's really nice to receive consistent, positive communications in addition to the calls and care conference. 

Let us show you what others communities are doing and specifically how we can help you!


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