3 Ways to Avoid the F883 Citation this Flu Season


3 Ways to Avoid the F883 Citation this Flu Season

"LeadingAge analyzed the top 10 survey citations as focused infection control surveys continue and many states amp up annual certification surveys."  To prevent the F883 citation this flu season Carefeed has put together some resources and recommendation how to get through this flu season. Carefeed is a central place for documentation and communication for residents, families and staff. Working with administrators around the country we have some suggestions this flu season.






a. Developing educational tools that reach the residents families is essential in providing accurate information. According to the F883, a facility must provide the benefits and side effects of the flu shot to the residents families. This will allow for the family to make an informed decision when consenting/refusing the flu shot this season.
b. Education resources can be found on the CDC website. Finding interactive videos that could be emailed or texted will allow for the residents family to understand the information easily.
c. Carefeed can provide educational flu templates to be customized to your facility.


2. Documentation


a. Spending time documenting the education that has been provided for the residents is important to avoid the F883. Make sure your facility has a system in place to provide streamline documentation for the residents families.If the facility does not have a system in place identify a nurse to be in charge of the flu education.

b. Carefeed can automatically upload the communication/education into the residents chart preventing missing documentation on the education.


3. Communication


a. Provide an open communication line from the DON to the residents families. Education about the flu shot and the flu vaccine will allow the family to make an informed decision regarding consenting/refusing.

b. Implementing a secure chat with a family member would be helpful so the DON or nurses can rely the information privately to the family.

c. Everyone is working extremely hard to keep their residents safe during the flu season this year. Carefeed can help assist in education, documentation or communication.



CTA: Flu Toolkit 2021

Ways Carefeed Can help: Senior Care Communication Platform, Nursing Home HIPAA Secure Text, Skilled Nursing Facility HIPAA Compliant admission agreement eSignatures, Senior Community Family Portal.

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