A Year in Review


2021 was hard, but it wasn't impossible. The pandemic was in full swing at the end of December of 2020. Everyone and everything was impacted globally, especially residents and their loved ones in senior communities. The loss was devastating, and daily work became extremely hard (but not impossible) for administration and staff.

Administrators were challenged to swiftly adapt to new protocols mandated by federal and state regulations while protecting and caring for their staff and residents. Admissions Directors, donned in PPE, were sitting outside of a responsible party's car were signing admissions documents for new residents consoling the family. Nurses continued to care for the everyday needs of their residents but overnight became essential to the prevention of Covid-19.

Hard, but not impossible. Today to be compliant with state regulations and lead their staff to the best of care, administrators use email and text to build stronger connections with family and staff. Vaccine consents are digitized, admissions staff save hours of time e-signing admissions packets, nursing staff can securely chat with family members and stay focused on care. Visitation is back in swing and tracked, residents are engaged in activities again and calendars are emailed and texted to all resident's family members, everything uploads to the EHR.

Senior communities are the example of 2021 being hard but not impossible. Pretty impressive. Cheers & Happy New Year to all the staff at Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Memory Care Communities!

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