All-in-One Calendar for Residents, Families, and your entire IDT Team.

All in one Long Term Care calendar

As an employee of Carefeed, the mother of two teenage sons, and an avid participant in life, I have a lot of calendars to keep track of. I have a personal calendar and a professional calendar that I volley between frequently. Tracking all of the moving pieces; what is the event, who is attending, where is it at, what do I/they need to be prepared; do I need a gift, or schedule a Zoom? The list goes on and on.

At Carefeed we build software solutions that simplify work and streamline processes in senior communities. One of our favorites is our All in One Community calendar that can be shared and auto-charted, on a calendar by calendar basis. Why wouldn’t we?

Activities can build a beautiful calendar that can be texted, emailed, and printed to all of a resident’s contacts. Not everyone lives near their loved one in a community, but why shouldn’t they be in the loop on what social, mental, and physical activities are available? #fosterfamilyconnections

Marketing can build pre-tour and post-tour calendars, as well as a referral calendar. #bedsavailable #whychooseourcommunity

IDT Teams can build various clinical calendars such as Care Conferences, Podiatry, Dialysis, etc. and the calendar can send alerts, reminders, outlook invites to all participants
in addition to auto-chart in the resident's EHR. #healthcareorganized

Human Resources can create employee calendars for fun events and benefits. #openenrollment
Social Services can build in-service calendars. #consents

Dietary can build and share their menu calendar daily/weekly/monthly. #keepingmomhealthy

Admissions can build discharge calendars keeping everyone in the know on the resident's about to go #rehabtherapyforthewin

By Katie Sperry

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