Katie Sperry

Beat the Tridemic Spread Through Communication and Compliance

The beginning of November always gets people into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Holiday Work Parties are just a few of the moments we celebrate with family and friends. It is great to be together again. With that joy and excitement, however, we still feel the weight of Covid-19’s impact halting many …

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Senior Gift Ideas

Bird Buddy – Smart Camera Bird Feeder Bomba Slippers – Comfy gifts that give back! A New Pillow – Sleep Foundations “Best of 2022” Talking Clock – Know the date & time & get reminders from the ALZ Store! Simple Music Player with One Button Radio – Pre-loaded with 75 Classics plus room for 1,000 …

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March Madness

It’s been a March Madness kind of week! To be honest, I’m not #winning my bracket right now. I chose teams based on my love for the school, or the coach, or if they’ve been an underdog. It’s not driven by stats or critic choices, I choose with emotion and I love March Madness season! …

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