Beat the Tridemic Spread Through Communication and Compliance


The beginning of November always gets people into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Holiday Work Parties are just a few of the moments we celebrate with family and friends. It is great to be together again. With that joy and excitement, however, we still feel the weight of Covid-19's impact halting many of these celebratory moments in life.

This year we are facing a new threat, a triple threat, or what is being coined as a "Tripledemic" or "Tridemic", as we continue through the month of December.


Covid-19 is still rampant this year, the Flu is soaring at very high levels across the world, and dangerous amounts of RSV are spread through these same large droplets from the nose and mouth, settling onto surfaces and spreading by close contact. Even the smallest of droplets can be exhaled into the air farther than six feet.

To look on the bright side, the world learned life-saving practices to prevent the contraction of these viruses; vaccinations, hand washing, avoiding touching your face, covering your coughs, wearing masks, limiting indoor group gatherings, providing fresh air outlets, and diligently cleaning surfaces.

When you look back at 2020 and 2021, our global society was experiencing a learning curve on prevention.  Today, the Tridemic can be minimized by the same lessons learned. 

So how do we beat the Tridemic spread? EDUCATION AND COMPLIANCE.

Knowledge is powerful and preventative measures save lives.

Carefeed clients frequently broadcast health updates via text and email (that can auto-chart to a resident's EHR), keeping families abreast of the community their loved one calls home.

In early fall, Administrators sent out e-signature consents for vaccinations via text and email to residents and responsible parties, ensuring early prevention and overall health safety within their community.

Staff continuously receives, via Carefeed's text and email solutions, in-service surveys, and consents on policies and procedures to stay compliant and end the spread.

Senior community administration and staff care for men and women enjoying their last dance.  We are humbled to provide solutions to simplify processes in the post-acute environment.

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