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Carefeed is improving the lives of seniors and their families by facilitating communication. And now the national media has caught on to the value of our services.

Terry Wall, CEO of Carefeed, was recently asked to appear on LTC Heroes, the top-rated podcast about long-term care. He spoke with Experience Care’s Peter Murphy Lewis about Carefeed’s mission and vision to provide “seamless communication and engagement with residents, family, and staff” and “make the lives of staff easier.” The interview also included a Carefeed customer, Brittany Duncan, the director of admissions at a long-term care organization. You can watch the discussion below:

Lewis was curious to learn about how Carefeed has grown to be so popular in the long-term care industry. Wall explained that the operational efficiencies that Carefeed provides have provided teams with added relief, especially during the COVID pandemic. “We digitize and automate a lot of the antiquated processes,” he said. “Think paper admission agreements, welcome packet folders, and COVID updates. We can seamlessly distribute such things via text, email, or voicemail while simultaneously charting within an EHR [electronic health record].”

Further, Carefeed is constantly striving to develop new technology that helps connect long-term care teams with families of residents. “A COO of one of our long-term communities told me that he had 2,000 unanswered phone calls last month,” Wall recalled. “He said, ‘There’s got to be a way that you can help with answering their questions.’ And so that catapulted our involvement with the family side of things.”

Needless to say, customers of Carefeed are impressed with the increased efficiency they have seen. “Carefeed has been a game changer for our industry and our company,” said Duncan during the interview. “It has made communication with families, residents, and staff so much easier, as we now have the ability to record a message and send it out to everybody one and done.”

An example that Duncan shared of such efficiency was admission agreements, which are legal documents included in COVID protocol. “Within 72 hours of admitting new residents, we have to notify them of our current COVID precautions and the measures we’re taking,” she said. “Well now with Carefeed, we can just email them and send documents via text.”

Duncan particularly appreciates the intuitiveness of Carefeed. “It’s a super user-friendly portal that has made training and the lives of our employees a lot easier,” she said. And that is, in part, due to Carefeed’s willingness to customize its technology for each organization. “We have a very close relationship with the Carefeed team as far as development, what's going to work best for our company, our needs, and our preferences. And Carefeed has always been open to those different needs and wants as a company,” she said.

Written by: Dr. Cameron Zargar

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