Carefeed’s commitment to support senior living communities.


This is the first time the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine released a report on the state of nursing homes since 1986. 

After reading "The National Imperative to Improve Nursing Home Quality: Honoring Our Commitment to Residents, Families, and Staff (2022)," our team was invigorated in our commitment to being the central place for communication and engagement for residents, families, and staff in senior communities.

Our must-have solutions streamline daily operations from full-time administrators to part-time community staff and when used in concert the outcomes for residents, families, and staff undeniably improve nursing home quality.

Carefeed shares a common goal with senior communities: CARE. Literally, it's in our name. Resident care is the top priority; emotionally, mentally, and physically. The staff in senior living communities work tirelessly to provide their residents with empathetic, effective, and efficient care. Carefeed partners with electronic health record companies (EHR) to provide staff with streamlined health information and digitize many of the daily tasks that are still completed manually or on paper. These antiquated processes take time away from the care of the residents. For one example, phone calls (which are often multiple rounds before connection) are manually documented into the EHR resulting in a time-consuming documentation process. With the technology Carefeed provides such as automatic documentation to your EHR, surmountable saved time brings staff back to CARE.

Communication has evolved over time in nursing homes.

Communication keeps residents and their families in the know. Activities going on throughout the community, notifications about upcoming care conferences, and sharing important health updates, are just a few of Carefeed's communication tools that promote care and keep the community compliant and create a positive environment. Email and texting monthly newsletters, seasonal greetings, educational information, and more, show families that their loved one lives in a thoughtful, caring COMMUNITY that they too are part of thanks to streamlined communication.

A positive environment is critical to keeping residents happy, families at peace with the level of care, retaining top staff, and building census. Even in a difficult climate, such as a pandemic, a strong communication strategy can withstand the challenges and continue to build a strong environment. With Carefeed's solutions, Administrators communicate via text and email community updates, Admissions Directors ease the admissions process for new residents, and Activities share calendars with families fostering engagement and creating a fun environment for residents, Social Services can automate appointments such as care conference, Marketing can promptly inform referral sources of opportunities, respond to digital survey responses and boost online rating.

Carefeed's digital in-service increases positive outcomes by providing staff with the most up-to-date care regulations through texts and/or email. A well-informed staff is an empowered staff. Immediately text staff via Direct Message updates within the community. Segment communication to particular departments when short-staffed or information on community events. Use our Secure Feed to share daily census and resident health information with your IDT Team. Send out Employee Satisfaction Surveys for immediate feedback regarding workplace temperature.

RESIDENT + FAMILY + STAFF = Connected through Care and Communication

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