COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the way we live

Covid-19 communication auto-charting to the electronic health record in SNFs.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the way we live. Thankfully, its impact has lessened in severity regarding health but escalated communication and safety protocol. In senior communities, COVID-19 cases continue to rise, affecting visit protocols and staff policies and procedures. Carefeed has seen thousands of COVID-19-related messages sent to families over the past several weeks. Carefeed has found that providing transparency, sharing protocol, and CMS education strengthens the relationship with your families and reputation in the community.

Communicating that information quickly and efficiently when there is a positive case is crucial. Carefeed has three communication tools for non-PHI but delicate or informative messages.

For example:

Via Email - "Today is May 17, 2022, and we have identified one positive COVID-19 resident. We are practicing all safety measures to ensure the health of your loved ones. If you plan on visiting the community, you must wear an N-95 mask and have your temperature taken when you arrive."

Via Text - "Good evening, staff. A quick reminder that everyone will be tested before shifts start tomorrow, so please arrive a few minutes early. Thank you."

Via Voice - Using your voice, you can personalize your message to residents, families, and staff that you can broadcast to landline numbers. "Good morning, residents. We are calling to let you know that we have two positive cases among our staff. They tested positive this morning before entering the community for their shift. They are home resting and will return once they have a negative PCR test. Thank you for listening. Your administrator, Rebecca."

While conveying there has been a positive case within your community is not only a legal obligation to inform, it is also an opportunity for you to share your timeliness of the event and your action steps for ensuring the safety of everyone in the community. Giving residents' families reassurance that everything is safe and secure for their family members will build a strong relationship within the community.

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