Creative ways to interact with families during the pandemic

CareFeed Case Study

Finding Connections within residents families and staff

Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for residents to see their families during the pandemic. Nursing home staff have been very created on how to keep their residents safe while keeping the connections with the families. Below are some of Carefeed's favorite programs that have been implemented by activities director.

Encouraging family members to have a window visits with their love ones. This provides the resident and their family to have time today while maintaining a safe distance. Having the resident and family member call each other it will provide a sense of normalcy by spending time together.

Drive by parades have become very popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a great way to get the residents outside in the warmer weather and give the residents a chance to decorate their cars! Sending out messages to families via text to remind them of the upcoming parade.

Facetime/Pen Pal buddies, Residents have been feeling more isolated during the pandemic. Starting a pen pal program within your community will provide a consistency for your residents. Asking the local community is a great way to set up the pen pal program.

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