Don’t be a Paper Person!

Electronically signing admission packets in long term care.

Download, copy, print, sign, scan and repeat. A common process for the Admissions Team in senior living communities. Admissions are often buried in paperwork that takes significant time (handwriting in personal information repetitiously) and resources (m  to complete.

Carefeed provides an e-signature solution that expedites the admissions process, by pre-populating resident data from their EHR, allowing for in-person or email delivery, and when complete, the agreement is automatically uploaded into the resident’s EHR. Added bonus, the digital process saves up to an average of two hours time per agreement!


"Nursing homes near me" a phrase often typed into Google by a future resident or loved one of a future resident.  According to Skilled Senior News "Roughly 71% of patients use search engines as a first step to find nursing home reviews." In Google, senior communities with the highest star ratings will appear first in the search, often resulting in leads. Unfortunately, star rating can be difficult to build.

Carefeed boosts and steers positive review through automated surveys and reviews requests. Sent via text/email, our automated feedback solution provides instant feedback to the community team.


In June 2020, Miami University released results of a survey conducted with 200 family members of loved ones in long-term care. Family members who had a more favorable opinion of a community reported more frequent communication. Carefeed provides the administrator with educational and crisis communication for the families, residents and staff. Providing the administrator tools for proactive communication to create a more favorable opinion of a community.

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