March Madness

It’s been a March Madness kind of week!
To be honest, I’m not #winning my bracket right now. I chose teams based on my love for the school, or the coach, or if they’ve been an underdog. It's not driven by stats or critic choices, I choose with emotion and I love March Madness season!
What really inspires me during March Madness is watching teams play with great finesse and character.  An orchestrated team that doesn’t give up.
So why am I talking about March Madness in this blog? Well, one it is March, clearly; and two, thinking about the components of a great team made me think of all the great teams I know at senior communities.
Stick with me.
Let me compare the make up of a  basketball team in this senior community break down:
The Head Coach - The Administrator
The Administrator calls the plays and leads the team. Everyone looks to the Administrator in a senior community for guidance, procedure, and proper protocol. They lead their team and their team is vast: Residents, Families, Staff, and Community. Administrators stand strong when celebrated and unwavered when times are difficult.  We definitely saw this during the last few years of the pandemic. #automatic
Power Forward - Activities
Activities play both offense and defense every single day. Activities move swiftly on their feet around the community engaging residents in physical, social, and mental activities designed to keep residents happy and healthy. #onit
The Center - Director of Nursing
The Center is responsible for standing strong in the middle. In comes the Director of Nursing. They are responsible for maintaining excellence in care, while going the extra mile for residents at times when health issues arise, or even more trying, when the resident transitions to a higher place. They make call the shots that change the course of the game of life.  Every day. There are no easy #layups.
Forward - Social Services
The small forward roams all over the court, just like Social Services does in a senior community. This teammate ensures the safety of the residents, managing families needs and expectation, all the while keeping staff up to date on policies and procedures within the community. #droppingdimes
Point Guard - Marketing
Marketing would play the point guard position on a dream team. Always charged with building census and boosting online reviews, Marketing connects with referral sources to secure a safe and caring place for future residents to call home. #makingitrain
Shooting Guard - Admissions
Making shots and stealth dribbling is what makes the shooting guard a key part of the dream team. Meet the Admissions Director.  Navigating through the admissions process can be cumbersome but completing a packet with a resident/responsible party and family is crucial and requires confidence, compassion, and willfulness to get the job done right. #swish
There are definitely others staff members that are essential to the overall success of a senior community. The last couple years of playing in a pandemic bracket have been insanely challenging. Congrats to all the dream teams out there! #dreamteam
Katie, Client Success
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