In June 2020, Miami University released results of a survey conducted with 200 family
members of loved ones in long-term care.

Family members who had a more favorable opinion of a community reported more
frequent communication.


Employee Communication
& Engagement:

Employees are your biggest and most effective brand ambassadors, and they serve as your strongest and most supportive advocates. Residents, family members and others turn to employees for information, and your reputation, creditability, and trustworthiness as a provider and employer depend on your staff knowing what is going on and how to respond. Employees may not always agree, like or fully understand operational decisions, but if they are well informed, they will more likely support you – and stick with you – even through the difficult times

Only 13% of employees throughout the U.S. strongly agree that the leadership of their
organization communicates effectively with the rest of their organization.

Don’t wait to put a communication plan in place!

As a result of COVID-19, senior care providers are being held to a higher standard. You must establish a consistent pattern of proactive and effective communications so that even if you face a negative situation, your reputation will precede you.

Modernize your communication with Carefeed.

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