St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Seniors


St. Patrick's Day is this upcoming weekend, and there will be a lot of fun things to do with your senior residents. We wanted to share a list of the top 3 activities to do with your senior communities to get them in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

1) St. Patrick's Day Bingo

One of the best ways to get your residents to compete for some fun Irish-themed prizes is to play a St. Patrick's Day bingo game. The cards can be created with St. Patty's day trivia and answers and whenever someone gets a bingo, they will win some cool St. Patrick's Day "swag," from green shamrock glasses, to green and white scarves. Getting the residents together and playing a fun interactive game for prizes will be a lively event for the group.

2) Irish-Themed Community Dinner

An immersive way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is to have a themed dinner for the residents! Decorating the dining area with copious amounts of green and gold will give the room a festive feel. Taking it to another level, would be to celebrate with some Irish food as well. A slow-cooker corned beef or beef stew or even some shepherd's pie with some Irish brown bread on the side to shake up the dinner and give the residents something different. And then to finish it off, serving an Irish cream cake for dessert to end the night!

3) Arts & Crafts

Finally, the staff could host an arts & crafts event where the residents can choose from different options to creating shamrock key-chains to decorating their room with signs that they colored. They could even look to create a craft and then have the staff send it out to each of their families to get them into the spirit, too!


Whatever you choose to do is up to you, but these were a few of our favorites to get residents in the St. Patrick’s Day mood!

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