Takeaways from recent Health Care Association Annual Expos!


The last few weeks Carefeed attended the OHCA (Ohio Healthcare Association) annual Conference in Columbus, as well as the IHCA (Illinois Health Care Association) Conference in Springfield. Wow, it was great to be back LIVE with many of our clients and potential clients at an in person event! Our main takeaway; It was amazing to learn how many skilled and assisted living facilities were still communicating with families by calling, mailing letters, or sending mass emails etc.. Some (more sophisticated) communities were using some type of broadcast voicemail or text provider to keep everyone up to date on building status, vaccinations, important updates etc. One VP said they hired the broadcast voicemail company that did their child’s school closing announcements. (She literally waited until the end of the message to hear the company that provided the service.) The problem is while this is time consuming they then have to chart that they communicated in their EHR.

We all know the senior care industry is heavily regulated, and providers are accustomed to a mountain of government mandates and regulations, including those that emerged during COVID-19. Some of those regulations mandated how, what, when, and with whom providers were required to communicate about COVID-19 cases, suspected cases, and other related information. Many of these requirements are cumbersome, time-consuming, and duplicative, but the reality is they stemmed from a boiling point of complaints and concerns about a lack of information and transparency.

That’s where Carefeed can help! Carefeed is a HIPAA secure communication platform that can be activated within your EHR. So, all your contacts are seamless, we have templates for all types of communications (from crisis communication to clinincal education), you can send messages to one person or to many (all residents, families, and staff) all with the click of a button and the messages (text, voicemail, emails, documents, etc.) can be automatically uploaded to the residents chart within your EHR, saving your team countless hours!

#Operational Efficiencies #Save SNF/AL Staff Time.

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