Tips to Help Your Post-Acute Facility Staff Adopt a New Software Solution

Long-term care staff member trains using Carefeed's long-term care software.

Technology continues to advance rapidly, revolutionizing the way we conduct business daily. Post-acute facilities are not an exception, as they are adopting new software solutions to enhance operations and communications within their facilities. However, sometimes the adoption of new software by staff is often met with some fear of the unknown.  

This article will share tips to help your post-acute care staff adopt a new software solution. We understand the impact software like Carefeed can have on your operational efficiencies and we want to help you overcome any barriers to ensure that your staff embraces the new technology. 

Identify the Needs of Your Staff

The first step to adopting a new software solution is to identify the needs of your staff. What challenges do they face daily, and how can the new software help them overcome them? When your staff realizes the potential benefits of the new software, they are more likely to embrace it.  

Carefeed saves time for staff by increasing operational efficiencies and making communication between residents, their families, and staff easier. Seeing this impact on their daily work should help staff jump on board.  

Involve Your Staff in the Selection Process for Long-term Care Software 

Involving your staff in the selection process of the new software solution can help them feel more invested in its implementation. Allow your team to attend the software demo, ask questions and provide feedback on its features and usability. This way, they feel that their opinions are valued, and the software will be tailored to meet their needs. 

Carefeed’s software improves multiple functions across departments, from Admissions to HR and Nursing to Finance. We have found that having representatives from numerous departments on the demo call helps with the adoption of the software.  

Establish a Software Champion  

Establishing a software champion is essential when introducing new software to an organization. A software champion is a person who handles leading the implementation process and promoting the software’s benefits within the organization. This individual is typically a subject matter expert who understands the software’s capabilities and can effectively communicate its value to others. Having a strong software champion will increase adoption rates and ensure that the software is being used to its full potential. 

Provide Adequate Training  

Training is crucial in ensuring that your staff adapts to the new software. Invest the time in training your staff on how to use the software and provide them with ample time to practice. Training should be ongoing, and refresher courses should be welcomed to help the staff stay up to date with the software. 

What sets Carefeed apart, beyond just the software itself, is our Client Success team. We have an amazing team fully dedicated to onboarding and training new clients. They frequently conduct individual training sessions for each department to ensure that each onboarding experience is tailored to the specific needs that impact their day-to-day work. 

Emphasize the Importance of Utilizing the Long-term Care Software 

As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, it is essential for compliance data to be easily accessible when surveyors come to evaluate your facility, so your staff needs to understand how Carefeed’s tools can impact compliance. 

Carefeed helps post-acute care facilities stay vigilant when it comes to regulatory compliance, so consistent usage is imperative. Carefeed’s e-signatures tool ensures that Admission Agreements are compliant, with no missing signatures or information, such as immunization authorization paperwork. Carefeed charts communications in your EMR, digitizes consents, houses staff trainings, and can automate required communications. Consistent use of Carefeed, points to your facility having a culture of compliance.  

Provide Ongoing Support  

After the initial implementation, provide ongoing support to your staff. Ensure there is a contact available to address any concerns or issues. Regular check-ins can help you identify areas where the staff may be struggling and provide additional support to help them overcome these challenges. 

Carefeed’s Client Success team is available for ongoing support, questions, and tools to make the implementation of our software easy and empowering for your teams. We build relationships with our clients, so they are comfortable coming to us with any needs they have as they are using our software.  

Celebrate Successes 

Celebrating successes can help your staff feel appreciated and motivated. Identify staff members who have successfully embraced the new software and recognize their efforts. This recognition can be in the form of a certificate, bonus, or any other form that you see fit.  

Celebrating successes can help motivate other staff members to follow suit! Once they see how the software has positively impacted their coworkers, usage will rise.  

Here are some things you may choose to celebrate: 

What employee has saved the most time using Carefeed? 

Who has sent out the most family communications via Carefeed? 

Has anyone utilized Carefeed in a new or creative way to solve a problem?  

Learn more about Carefeed’s solutions or schedule a demo here.

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